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A Good Old Bees Up: Callington Honey Fair

A great bear once declared “I’m rumbly in my tumbly, Time for something sweet.”

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It certainly didn’t do Winnie the Pooh any harm; although it’s no easy job being a bee and dealing with the constant demands. Easily distinguished in your yellow and black outfit, one minute you are labeled a summer nuisance being swatted at from all angles with the nearest utensil at hand, the next your sweet nectars are being applauded and drizzled across all manner of satisfying calorific delights.

“Bees are the only insect that produces food eaten by humans.” 

It’s a good job the people of Callington are not easily deterred by all the buzzing. They have established their own unique Honey Fair, the only one of its kind in Cornwall. With plenty to keep even the most ardent honey monster distracted; visitors and locals alike can sample their way through an array of over 100 stalls lining the Callington streets. This year’s festivities take place on Wednesday 5th October (it’s always the first Wednesday in October for you busy bees always planning ahead) and will be celebrating the 33rd anniversary since it’s revival.

“The average worker bee produces around 1/12th teaspoon of honey in her life.” 

If all that thought of honey is just a touch too much, or you prefer a bit more bouncing around like Tigger, then there are plenty of entertainers, craft stalls, exhibitors and even the Rowland’s fun fair lining the street. Be sure to pack some cotton wool though as the town crier competition will raise the decibel levels (hopefully not enough to scare off the bees though…). For those with a sweet tooth in search of the ultimate honeyed decadence then the famous ‘Honey Fair cream tea’; or as it is more affectionately named ‘Teas with the Bees’. Naturally no honey fair would be complete without a honey cook-off, with fierce competition and local bragging rights at stake. You never know what recipes you may discover; and find out more uses of honey than you could possibly imagine.

“The male honey bee has no stinger and does no work, they simply mate.” 

Commenting on the 2010 festivities, show Secretary David Jones, hailed it as “surely one of the best, with fantastic weather, some great support locally and lots of activity on the streets.” Here’s hoping that the bees keep to their side of the deal and pave the streets a golden honey shade, enticing visitors and locals alike onto the streets. All monies raised at the Honey Fair are used for the Lions Club of Callington Charities throughout the year. Not only will you be supporting a good cause, but encouraging the bees to keep ‘beezy’ and start their stocks for next year. Anyone for a pasty drizzled with honey?!

“A hive of bees will fly 90,000 miles, equivalent to three

orbits around the earth collecting 1kg of honey.”

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