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Cornish Coast Adventures

Jonno Gibbins

Top Quote: We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

Would Get Out of Bed For: A beautiful sunrise over glassy surf or a summer barefoot beach run…dream on, it'll be my five-year-old son wanting breakfast!

Dirty Secret: Illicitly craving fast turns in cars and on bikes and snowboards. Oh and fish 'n' chips…but don't tell anyone!

Hot Under the Collar: The mainstream (so called) 'food' industry, couch potatoes and their excuses and those people that park in parent-and-child spots when they blatantly don’t have any kids, have never had any and have zero intention of procreation - thank goodness!

Quintessentially Cornish: Sand fills the car, surfboards litter the house, camper van resides on the drive, beanie controls the curls and who needs shoes anyway? Work less, live more.

Writers Block: Previous life - included snowboard magazine photo-journalist based in USA, author/photographer of one of UK's original snowboard instructional books and was Editor of 'Snowboard UK' magazine. Present life – fitness and health articles and a book about how triathlons can help you live to 100 and beyond!

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Cornish Coast Adventures

When I was offered the opportunity to experience Coasteering for the first time, well I simply had to jump at the chance. I had a vague idea of what was involved but to be honest the truth didn't hit me until I was hurtling towards it...

Hidden idyll - camping at Trevedra Farm

The location couldn't have been better - in an amazing setting looking out over the Atlantic- Trevedra Farm sits just north east of Land’s End. The combination of having one of Cornwall's best surfing beaches on its doorstep and being...

Tried and tested: Three Cornish triathlons

As the number of participants in marathons, half marathons, triathlons, biathlons, Iron Man, 10k, 5k, surges and peaks in the summer months, why not jump on the exercise bandwagon, meet a bunch of people, get fit (come on you’ve...

Walking on water with WESUP

“Guys, you really don't need a wetsuit, you won't fall in and you'll be way too hot.” I really should have heeded Sean's advice as I pulled on my summer shortie in preparation for my stand-up paddleboarding debut. Several people...

Juicy Fruits at Trevaskis Farm

I regularly shop at Trevaskis Farm and have taken my five year old son up there to see the cows, sheep and pigs on many an occasion as he loves the animals, especially the fearsome- looking bulls, cute lambs and the little piglets that...

Go wild in the country: Wild Food School

Rocking-up a tad early at Marcus Harrison’s Wild Food School in Lostwitheil we were able to enjoy a sneak preview of the botanical boffin’s encyclopaedic knowledge of hedgerow fodder a bit before our fellow foragers...

Fat Hen: Wild Food Courses

I negotiated my way down the bumpy farm track in my trusty Scooby, arriving at a group of beautifully renovated farm buildings, my enthusiasm for a day of wild food foraging only slightly tainted by the anxiety of not wanting to poison...

Charlestown - A Clockwork Orange

"Actually it's electric", says Rob, referring to the bright orange ex-milk float parked next to the roundhouse on Charlestown's harbour wall. Together with the big orange umbrellas, the Orange Farm Shop makes quite a statement and can...