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Breakfast with… Natasha Chambers, Artist

Breakfast with an artist… it seems dreadfully Andy Warhol though I am nothing like Eddie Sedgwick. I actually met Natasha in Starbucks (Chivvy X – business hub of Cornwall…?)

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She got lost. I am immediately endeared to the gorgeous girl originally from Hampshire but who left home aged 17 desperate for adventure and to seek her fortune.

Natasha is newly engaged to Oliver Clegg, an international
artist, who not only inspires her but drags her all over the world exhibiting.
They are set to move this March to New York –a point in our conversation where
I audibly gasp it is so utterly bohemian and how I dream artists’ lives ought
to be.

Natasha’s work is embedded in the physical environment wherever
she is residing. She and Oliver spend their winters in Trevone up on the north
coast of Cornwall – a stay which has prompted the Bywa series (which means to
be alive in Kernewky). Her artistic take on the rugged Cornish coastline and
countryside is simply stunning, very different and so refreshing. It is very
reminiscent of stories and the text – her work is digitally composed and
printed onto etching paper- inscribed subtly into the prints is magical and so
very contemporarily apt. She connects with the history of a place and brings
new take on their stories.

It is paperwork in the morning and letting the creative side
take over from about 3pm; Natasha is currently penning an illustrated children’s
book and creating prints for silk scarves. Having travelled around India and
Australia (where she chose to study) her life is one whirlwind adventure rooted
in the North Coast of Cornwall: She is an eclectic mix of an artist wanting to
try many things.

Breakfast? “Our lives tend to revolve around the tide”…

Natasha’s prints are available in Steins Gift Shop in
Padstow and limited Edition Prints are available from her website.

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Breakfast with… Natasha Chambers, Artist

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