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Christmas wine tasting with Ellis Wharton Wines

The more I spend time at specialist wine sellers such as the fabulous BinTwo of Padstow or Ellis Wharton Wines, Par, the more I am wowed by the knowledge, the hand-picked bottles and the lingo, with which admittedly I still struggle. Pongy? Steely? Animal? Really?

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01726 825255
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St. Andrews Rd
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The next wine tasting event will
be held at The Coldstreamer, Gulval, Penzance on Thursday 8 December from 6-9pm.
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But the idea behind wine tasting is neither the language nor the knowledge, but experimenting and enjoying: spit a little, suck a little and make some noise of appreciation. And this is just what I endeavoured to do at Ellis Wharton Wines Christmas Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Tasting at Lanhydrock Hotel. As suppliers to Nathan Outlaw, The Scarlet Hotel and Porthminster Beach Café, I was in for an evening of top wines and liqueurs.

What I learnt:

-that natural wine is now a
‘movement’ closely aligned to the ethos of Slow Food. These are organic or
bio-dynamic (or both) wines that hark back to methods and lost grapes varieties
from generations ago

-Disaronno (supermarket
amaretto) has been nowhere near an almond – buy Saliza instead, a revelation,
which is 100% almond based.

-You can actually sip rum – try
Rum Sixty Six from Barbados for something as far removed from Bacardi as
Dairylea from Cornish Blue.

-Plum-infused sake with
Christmas pudding OMG

My fantasy wines from the evening:

-Domaine Le Roc des Anges, Segna de Cor
2009, Roussillon – abandoned vineyards resurrected by a young couple who
scraped money from friends, family and the bank to bring the vines, some over
100 years old, back to life. Earthy and yes, a little wild.

-ERA organic Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry,
NV – bubbly fresh with no acrid aftertaste and no hangover obviously because
it’s ah organic (ahem)

-Tratturi, Fiano 2009 from Sicily – unoaked,
clean and crisp white

-Seresin, Sauvignon Blanc, 2009
Marlborough, NZ – fruity and buttery, hints of vanilla

With 480 products on their list, Ellis Wharton Wines Ltd have a great deal to offer the amateur and the professional. Even Chris the delivery guy is a qualified wine seller. The next wine tasting event will be held at The Coldstreamer, Gulval, Penzance on Thursday 8 December from 6-9pm. For more information on the evening and other events, contact EW Wines Ltd or tel David or Charles on 01726 825255.

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Christmas wine tasting with Ellis Wharton Wines

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