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Coming Home to Roast

Nothing epitomises the festive season more than the ceremonial carving of a juicy bird. Napkins and paper hats at the ready, The Good Cornwall Guide has been in search of Cornwall’s top feathered festive food to grace your Christmas dinner table.

Golden Geese & Bronze Turkeys

Turkey: for most it’s the quintessential Christmas bird. Rearing them free-range, the family run business of Trevilley Farm, Newquay sell the bronze turkey variety – noted for their succulence and fullness of flavour. Adorned with prizes for their plethora of produce and their excellent Farm Shop, we recommend them for service, quality and festive cheer.

Having sampled one of Trevilley’s gorgeous geese – also free-range – we can attest to a new contender to the Christmas crown…the golden goose.

Leaving the oven a delicious chocolate colour and eaten with a fabulous side of red cabbage sweated with apples and sultanas – their goose is an alternative, tasty, family-sized bird.

Trevilley Farm top tip – cook the goose for the first half hour breast side down…the fat keeps the meat nice and juicy.

Pigeon in a pear-tree

Wild and wonderful pigeon is readily available in these chilly months, and as such is game for a place on the Christmas menu.

We asked the Wildfire chef trio – Andi Richardson, Stephen Knowles and Barry Horne – who make a feature of game in all of their countywide pop-up restaurant events, why they’ll be giving a Yuletide to homage to pigeon.

“We’ve used most of the game birds you can use such as mallard, teal, wigeon, pheasant and partridge. The one we love to use most is the wood pigeon. It’s available all year and is a healthy, delicious and versatile meat. You can roast them, or take off the breasts for pan-frying – maybe wrapped in pancetta, or use them in a lovely game pie. It’s rich and flavorsome and goes with lots of different flavors.”

If you’ve got a passion for partridge, pigeon or pigeon St Ives based Celtic Fish and Game – another Cornish cracker of a firm – can supply them. We love their focus on wild, seasonal produce and robust environmentally friendly credentials.

Quirky Quail & the Queen of Roasts

Christmas is about celebration – so whether your guests will be all a quiver over a quirky bird or the queen of roasting decadence, these two quacking options are quite the talking point.

Full of fresh ideas in their St Agnes restaurant, No.4 Peterville suggest this little beauty of a recipe for a Boxing Day treat for the quirky quail.


Roast Quail with black pudding and fino. (Serves 4)



4 Quails

200-300g black pudding, crumbled

A glug of fino

1 knob of butter

100 ml chicken stock

Handful of chopped parsley and tarragon


Season the quail.

Heat a little oil in a frying pan then brown both breasts.

Turn the quail onto its back and stick into the oven and cook for 8-10 minutes until the breast is firm and all traces of blood are gone.

Transfer to a board and let it rest.

Meanwhile, stick the pan back onto the heat, add the crumbled black pudding and de-glaze with fino. Then add chicken stock. Finish by stirring in a lump of butter and add the handful of coarsely chopped parsley and tarragon.

Pour the sauce over the quail and serve with a bunch of watercress and homemade aioli. Lovely!


But if big and beautiful is your idea of a Christmas blow out – how about a multi bird roll? Trevilley Farm can prepare this six-bird feast ready for your oven. With the ability to customise your stuffing choices – and with handy home delivery – you can see why Trevilley have clients as far away as Scotland.

See the links below to ensure your chucks are coming home to roast this Christmas.



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Coming Home to Roast

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