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  • Mike delivers Cornish Food Market box to guest

Cornish Food Market

What we need here is an easy, time-saving way to get all this lovely produce in one place so it can be bought hassle-free, preferably at a lower cost than the supermarkets to provide an incentive to support local farmers and producers. Maybe alongside ordinary household shopping so everything can be bought at once. Perhaps with some cheeky free delivery thrown in. May I introduce you to The Cornish Food Market.

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Locally sourced, Fabulously Fresh, Delicious Food, Free delivery
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The Distribution Centre, Higher Argal, Budock, Falmouth, Cornwall
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Combining the hassle of grocery shopping with the demand for wholesome Cornish foodstuffs, this website turns a mundane task into a straightforward way to grab the gubbins, get it into your  kitchen and get it down your gulllet.

Personally, I had fun just doing the shopping on Cornish Food Market I’ll be the first to ‘fess up to being shopaholic of epic proportions – I do love to assault my bank balance with lots of lovely purchases, but going around in circles having to work out how to shop online before I can actually buy anything? I simply do not have the patience for all that tosh. Pleasingly, I can report that it’s a piece of cake to start up an account and launch into a full-blown shop, and the whole store is split into several tantalisingly tasty sections. So tempting, in fact, that I had to restrain myself in the bakery; in went the iced chocolate loaf cake (made in Tregony), in went the scones (made in Redruth – promptly accompanied by some Trewithen clotted cream and Boddington’s strawberry jam, obviously), in went the Baker Tom’s Speciality Loaf – red onion and parmesan flavour – a dash of Clive’s Organic hummus for dipping, and for good measure a bottle of Cornish Stinger, just because I wondered how alcoholic stinging nettles would taste.

To my sadness, I did find Cornish Stinger a little like an assault on the mouth, however I would put that down to being purely a sweet-drink type o’lady. Along with the likes of Doom Bar and other assorted bitters, I found the taste not dissimilar to drinking coins, so on that basis it’s probably best left to the strapping lads among you to sample (dare ya!). The chocolate cake was a heavenly choc chip threaded sponge dripping with sweet frosted icing, and the scones and cream among the finest Cornish delicacies around, with the added bonus that the Boddington’s jam had massive strawberry chunks in.

Get the delivery man to hang around while you double check your order (delivery slots are very flexible, by the way). Past customers clearly love the service, such as Michelle from the Isles of Scilly, who says; “I will definitely be having a weekly order and am looking forward to a healthier diet.” That’s a point, deliveries can be weekly, daily… whatever you want really. Driving the point home is Sarah from St Agnes who hits the Cornish produce nail on the head: “Congratulations on being the first company I have found to make shopping locally the right decision both ethically and economically.”

So there we have it. If you want to be one of Cornwall’s most considerate and culturally aware tourists, this is where to go to fill the cottage kitchen.

Products include:

  • Fresh fish, responsibly fished and landed locally every day here in Cornwall. Filleted and packed to order overnight in St Ives by the region’s leading fishmonger.
  • Fresh locally baked bread, prepared overnight and delivered the next day.
  • Fresh, prime, Cornish meat.  Only the very best locally reared beef, pork and lamb. This is freshly prepared and packed individually to order for customers every morning.
  • Both organic and non-organic milk together with cheese, cream and butter are sourced from private, family-run farm dairies in Cornwall.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced (primarily) from growers located throughout Cornwall and Devon. This is supplemented when necessary (i.e. subject to seasonal variation) from further afield.
  • Flour, rice, pasta, sugar and a huge range of other kitchen essentials are also available.
  • Cleaning products, other household items as well as personal hygiene products.

What’s more all of this is delivered to you for free with a minimum order value of £12.50.

You don’t have to live in Cornwall to create an account and you can set up as many delivery addresses for your holiday accommodation as you like. It couldn’t be easier.

Simply add the postcode and address of your Place to Stay as the delivery address, and they can deliver your shopping on the day that you arrive. Place your order by 11pm for a next day delivery, Monday to Friday. You can start to build up a shopping basket with, for delivery to your blo, up to six weeks in advance of arrival, just remember to check out and confirm your order after you have built it up. You can open and edit (add or delete) a ‘confirmed’ order online at any time up to the final cut-off time.

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