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The Cornish Pizza Company Goes Mobile

Vicki and Jon Crwys-Williams spent much of this summer on the road, taking their crispy-based, locally sourced and always-delicious pizzas out for a spin in a refurbished 1979 VW camper van. Named, wonderfully, The Colonel, the van has been fully kitted out with an authentic, stone-based deck oven, imported from Italy.

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68 Vicarage Road, St Agnes, Cornwall
01872 553092
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The Colonel and crew made the most of a cracking summer season, serving up slices to the masses at the Heartlands in Pool, the Great Cornish Food Festival in Truro, families at campsites across Cornwall, and happy new couples and their hungry wedding guests. We’ve already hailed the Cornish Pizza Company for producing world-class street food, and with this summer’s advancement in mobility, this classification is all the more just.

Talking to Jon about making my own pizza, I realised I’ve been doing it all wrong. First off – don’t overload with toppings. I am rather greedy, so have trouble with this one, but Jon is the expert here, and I suspect he is right in saying that keeping it simple is the best approach. Choose flavours that work together, and use the best ingredients you can get. Fresh and local is their big thing, so you can expect a menu full of super-scrumptious local delights.

Secondly, when the time comes to cooking your pizza, hot and fast is the recommended method. Don’t be afraid to whack the heat up, and if homemade pizza is your passion, treat yourself to a pizza stone. It’ll crisp up the base a treat, providing the dough with an area of concentrated heat to sizzle on, whilst the calmer heat of the rest of the oven takes care of the toppings.

Ready to take their artisan pizza even further afield, Vicki, Jon and the gang are considering tackling festival season next year in The Colonel. Until then, keep an eye out for the van (you won’t miss it, it’s beautifully turquoise after all), and get yourself to the shop in St Agnes if you haven’t already to try my favourite – the treat that is the Wheal Plenty.

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The Cornish Pizza Company Goes Mobile

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