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Creek-chic: The Pandora Inn is back – better than before

I don’t like to make a habit of drawing on Victoria Beckham for wisdom, although her sartorial tips would not go amiss – however, she did publicly and memorably repeat the maxim: ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. And after an almost devastating fire in March last year, the Pandora Inn in Mylor has re-opened to the public, ‘stronger’ and better than before (and that was already quite hard to beat).

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‘Out of the fire and into the 21st century’, the blaze was ironically an opportunity for Pandora tenants John Milan and Steve Bellman not only to preserve the past but to ‘up the architectural ante’, bin the 1970s add-ons and bring the positively medieval into 2012. The first floor has been converted into a stunning vaulted dining room, with traditionally pegged green oak beams while original features such as flagstone floors, low-beamed ceilings, log fires and thatched roof all remain.

With such a rich history, some of which dates from the 13th-century, John and Steve were determined to preserve the inn’s story and subsequently, the décor has also taken on a rather unique post-flame twist. Fire-damaged features have been integrated into the interiors: two windowsills, scorched and blackened, have been retained and a small section of burnt beam has been mounted
on the ceiling.

The Pandora offers intimate dining by way of cosy crooks and crannies, perfect for some quality couple time or downing some pints of local St Austell ales at the bar in this nautically-inspired venue that shouts Fisherman’s Friends in every corner. Former head chef, Tom Milby, will still be serving up old favourites to regulars and tourists, with a particular bent for seafood and fish, as you’d
rightly expect from a creek-side destination. As Tom himself says, What can be better than buying fish and shellfish off the boat as they land it on the Pandora’s own pontoon?” Not many pubs can claim such a monopoly on freshness.

For John and Steve who have been at the inn since 1999, it is, “a great feeling to be back behind the bar and officially marking the reopening was a very special day. After so much interest in the Pandora’s return, it’s wonderful that we can now welcome regulars and visitors alike.” Victoria Beckham aside, this is one venue for whom bad luck has ushered in a new era of creek-chic;  arrive in style by water taxi direct from Falmouth, kick back on the pontoon and check out that view.

Dogs are welcome too…

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Creek-chic: The Pandora Inn is back – better than before

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  1. Gwenn Jeffery

    I have always enjoyed pandora food…can’t wait to get back and try again
    I couldn’t believe it for burned down
    All of a sudden you then realise how much you missed it
    You said i am duplicating my comment but I have just found out Pandora in is reopened
    It’s my anniversary today and I wanted somewhere nice to go to lunch

    Sep 05, 2012 @ 11:45 am

  2. Gwenn Jeffery

    It’s oue anniversary today and I checked just to see how pandora inn was getting on as it’s always been a place I loved to go…especially when our kids come to visit from London …they love it as well…and it’s 5th September 2012 so I found out you are open …. See you soon

    Sep 05, 2012 @ 11:53 am