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Dare to bare: Barefoot Running

Actually you aren’t barefoot, just in shoes that allow your foot to act as it is designed: to flex, absorb shock and propel you forward.

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We are made to run – honestly though I fully appreciate that you may not feel like you can shuffle with haste for a bus post festive stuffing (I don’t!) But having watched a really cool documentary it is a
scientific fact. However, not all of us run correctly and doing so results in injury which no one wants.

Jonno Gibbins, personal trainer and Barefoot coach has spent a lot of time Barefooting. Barefoot running has many scientific benefits but for me these are the ultimate plus points:

  • Running feels almost effortless
  • You can run further and faster
  • No injury
  • Slight feeling of wild, gay abandon – more usually felt

Jonno runs barefoot session for £35 for a group session or £95 for a one on one. I spent a couple of hours with Jonno building up some strength using exercises (some painful, some not) and watching how I ran incorrectly and why it hurt, and my improvement when running unhindered. To find out more about the science behind Barefoot visit VIVOBAREFOOT and watch the videos.

I have been a total advocate since. I would wholly recommend seeing how easy running can be – with no gym membership guilt attached (I have only been 5 times in the last year…) Book yourself in for a session and run Forest, run!

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Dare to bare: Barefoot Running

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