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Design Fair Trereife House

Who needs IKEA when you can have beautiful bespoke items instead? The Design Fair at Trereife House is showcasing a plethora of goodies for the house and yourself on 20 and 21 August, when some of the most exciting contemporary designers in the UK converge on the grounds of the estate.

Perfect For:
BBC costume drama voyeurism, presents for you, the house or even Christmas
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Trereife House Penzance Cornwall
TR20 8TJ
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Made famous after featuring on Channel 4’s Country House Rescue, this family owned property is steeped in history and has been lovingly restored. Standing in front of the magnificent Queen Anne facade, you can imagine yourself on the set of the latest BBC costume drama, supping tea from fine china and nostalgically yearning after a game of croquet on the lawn. Substitute croquet for art however and you get the picture. The house is hosting the sixth annual Cornwall Design Fair in conjunction with Hidden Art, who work to promote and support designers.

Not only will this year’s event be featuring some of the best and most exciting designers in Cornwall but also upcoming work from designers in the rest of the UK.

Products on display include: furniture, ceramics, glass, lighting, jewellery, textiles and fashion accessories. A dedicated art team are on site to install work around the estate and there will be demonstrations and workshop by Hidden Art members. So indulge in a little voyeurism and a lot of talent on the lawns of one of Cornwall’s most famous country houses and make your way down to Trereife, near Penzance.







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Design Fair Trereife House

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