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DIY Veg: Grow your own garden

When does spring officially start? Is it when the chill begins to lift, the leaves start to turn green and the rabbits are bloody everywhere? In the season of courting and regeneration spring can officially start when the green-fingered pluck their knee cushions from under the stairs, grab their pruning shears and suede lined gloves and head out to their gardens to tend to their cultivations.

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Growing your own veg garden can be as easy as you make it. Some plants are fool proof and will grow on cotton wool (remember the cress experiment at school?) and some require a little more TLC and protection from the elements. Cornwall’s garden centres are not only home to great cafes but also to experts who can shuffle you to easy-to-grow delicious tasting veg you will be proud to serve straight from the earth.

Perhaps think about going one step further. Allotments are a growing trend; in fact Cornwall has a waiting list for allotments! Far from being a hide-away for Arthur Fowler types a proper veg garden, at home or away is a popular way to spend Saturdays. The benefits to growing your own is that you can make the decision to have completely organic veg, you know the exact origins of the food you are eating and of course it offers great value for money if you make the effort.


If you need more help:

The Eden Project are somewhat expert in growing exotic plants, but are also champions for growing your own veg garden. They offer short courses in gardening as a kick-start to growing your own but they also have a plethora of vegetable plant packs to get you started.


Things to think about pre planting

  • Size and shape of your garden, plant upwards if space is limited and do consider a window box
  • How much time do they need? Herb plants grow easily, grape vines need help
  • What do you like to eat? Consider growing what you like and variations to experiment

Things to think about during planting

  • Watering and feeding the plants (waste coffee ground make for excellent plant food)
  • Protect ground growing veg from rabbits, they eat everything
  • Plan recipes to keep your interest

Things to think about post planting

  • Pick to eat as soon as it is ready
  • Make jams, chutneys and pickles with fruit and veg you can’t eat in time
  • Re-planting any single season plants


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DIY Veg: Grow your own garden

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