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Eden Sessions 2012

As well as the fantastic Boardmasters, which does its bit to attract Radio 1 to Newquay, and Leopalooza, the best house party in a field, a year-on-year Cornish musical staple is the internationally renowned Eden Sessions, where tents and sanitiser are not required.

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Unless you’ve been living on Mars (or, say, Alaska) for the past few years you’ll know about the legends that played out some of the most dramatic performances in a setting that could be described as magical, ethereal, picturesque, if not accessible by skateboard. With legends from Pulp to Muse to Winehouse (sob), the “slebs” have been forming an orderly queue to get a chance to play here, and this year is no different with a smorgasbord of talent to tickle your cheeky taste buds.

June 23th : Tim Minchin

Probably wearing more eyeliner than the entire casts of TOWIE and Geordie Shore combined, what he lacks in cosmetic subtlety he more than makes up for in comedic genius. On the back of six killer albums no two Minchin tours are ever quite the same.

June 30th: Example

Who has risen from cartoonesque goofy Fulham white boy  to worldwide rap sensation in 5 short years. The boy Elliot’s got mad skills and he’s not afraid to show them off and make you dance like a loon.

July 1st : Frank Turner 

Formally the frontman of Million Dead, Frank knows a thing or two about how to be angry and scream a bit. Thankfully Frank moved on from his angsty stage, and although some of the pain transferred over to his later incarnation as a modern day folk hero, the lyrics and melodies have enlightened all who have heard them.

July 4th: Chase & Status

On the opposite end of the pop spectrum lie London’s Chase and Status, bringing you their very own Rumble in the Jungle (That should save you a flight to Zaire, boxing fans). Known for their multi-genre hits and dancefloor anthems, the lads made their name in the drum and bass underground, but are as equally at home with Rihanna, Dizzee or Snoop nowadays. Blisters are pretty much a given then…

July 6th: Plan B

Two days later (you may as well just hang around after Chase and Status in all honesty – although don’t tell the owner-type people I said that!) Eden plays host to probably the most versatile rapper in the country today. Plan B, or Ben Drew, to anyone that’s seen any number of his fantastic performances in gritty British movies over the past 5 years, is a star who oozes confidence and bleeds pure talent. From his 2010 re-invention as a smooth soul boy, back through his hardcore hip hop roots (which rest assured are on the way back real soon) Plan B will never bore, disappoint or patronise you. He might make you angry, mind, as he’s determined to take on the establishment and shake conformity to its very transparent core. Which is basically why you MUST go and see him.

July 8th: Blink 182

Fast forward another two days and you’ll see the appearance of Cornwall’s biggest ever non-Cornish band, and by that I mean I’ve met relatively few Cornish folk of the “Generation Meh” age that don’t love a bit of Blink 182. And those that say they don’t, actually do a bit, cos I saw the long sleeved t-shirt hidden in the bottom of their wardrobe last week – stalky! Known for falling in love with girls at rock shows (it might be your lucky night, maids) and finding roses by stairs, there’s bound to be a sonic wave of “dude”, “sick” and “gnarly” to accompany the “boys” melodic pop punk anthems. This sold out quicker than a ticket for pasty tax march, so if you’re not going, you’re not going. Nice cup of tea instead then, perhaps?

July 11th: Noah and the Whale & The Vaccines

Drawing the sessions to a close this year are London whistle merchants Noah and the Whale and indie supergroup the Vaccines. I’d really like to not enjoy the Vaccines, as they were put together by an industry Svengali keen to make money out of guitars, hence the Glasvegas type wall of sound that hardly screams originality. But pop music just isn’t that black and white, and last year’s ”If You Wanna” was pure guitar heaven. Other singles “Wreckin Bar” and “Post Break-Up Sex” have cemented an early step on the rickety indie ladder. Next stop, a single with Jay Z and scones with David Cameron. It’s far too obvious when mentioning Noah and the Whale to say that now IS “Five Years Time”. And what’s changed? Well 2 more albums is all. And the Brit-folk pioneers push on with their eclectic and relaxing sounds. More an evening for your flip flops than your Reebok classics then, club kids.


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Eden Sessions 2012

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  1. Kelly

    Ali, I loved your write up on Blink 182. I couldn’t have done it better myself, except for proclaiming my undying love for them.

    K-T x

    May 30, 2012 @ 10:50 am