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The Good Cornwall Guide Editorial Policy

The reviews on this website are based solely on the experiences of our independent reviewers (details of whom can be found in the Authors section of the site).

Whilst every review will be balanced and an honest account of that independent reviewers personal experience, the reviews will only be published on the site if, and at the sole discretion of the Editorial Board, the GCG can recommend the establishment, person or service reviewed. Where the Editorial Board, on balance, feels the review is not ‘Good’ it will not be published. The GCG is a positive guide recommending the best bits of Cornwall, not a guide of everything in Cornwall. It is a subjective guide and all content will be reviewed by the Editorial Board who has sole discretion to decide whether to include the review or make amendments to the copy.

Editorial Board

The editorial team is directed by Melodie Manners with a bank of freelance writers on hand for content.

Right to comment

We offer an unreserved right to comment on any of the reviews posted on the site; we actively encourage this. To add your own comments to the reviews, you must join the site first; there is no fee for becoming a member. Membership will allow you to benefit from offers and competitions we will run, from time to time, on the site. We will not disclose your personal information to any third parties. Your details will be added to our newsletter database, you will be able to unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time.

The Editorial Board will review all comments before they are posted on the site. The Editorial Board will not edit or amend comments, but will have total discretion not to include comments which are believed to be offensive, illegal or defamatory by nature.

Guidelines for submitting unsolicited reviews

We welcome recommendations on reviews and these can be submitted to the Editorial Board either through the “Submit a Review” feature on the website or by emailing us at

If you are keen to become an Author for The Good Cornwall Guide, please submit a review you feel would be worthy of inclusion within the website. The Editorial Board shall consider and discuss any submissions before contacting you, in writing. If a proposed review is accepted and the Editorial Board wish to consider you as a potential Author, we will contact you by email to discuss commissions further. Commissions will only be given in writing. Any fee will be set at the time of making the assignment and setting out criteria for acceptance. Any comments left as feedback on the posted reviews shall not be considered as commissioned work and no fee will be payable under any circumstance.

If you believe any of the information contained within the site is inaccurate, inappropriate or misleading you should immediately contact the Editorial Board by emailing with the relevant details relating your complaint. The Good Cornwall Guide is unable to accept complaints via telephone they must be in writing. We will remove inappropriate or inaccurate comments as soon as possible and will respond to any complaints within two working days or as soon as reasonably practical thereafter.