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Espressini Dulce, Falmouth

As a fully-signed up (potentially badge-wearing) fan of Espressini in Falmouth I was utterly thrilled to learn that Rupert – Espressini creator – had opened a new coffee house taking all the best bit of Espressini and shoe-horning them into a boutique haven for coffee connoisseurs (read addicts). If you haven’t yet discovered this asylum, let me introduce you to Espressini Dulce.

Perfect For:
Coffee, Cool Company
45 Arwenack Street, Falmouth
TR11 3JD
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Situated in Arwenack Street, Dulce has all the amazing interiors and superior style of its sister-shop creating a relaxed and cool environment albeit quirky in size. It oozes a tangible knowledge of coffee with baristas that are passionate about brewing, the origins of their coffee and the uber science that goes on to perfectly pour a good cup of joe.

Why go to Dulce, however, rather than Espressini? Especially if you have formed a dear attachment to the place (I like to stroke the William Morris wallpaper…). Well it is the same but different. The ethos and values are the same but by its nature it offers a different experience. The coffee is, of course, consistently excellent. Also if you are at that end of Falmouth town geography and lazy legs will dictate that Espressini Dulce will be your haunt of choice.

Of course, you can always begin with your first coffee in one and head for your second in the other…

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Espressini Dulce, Falmouth

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  1. Alice

    I left Falmouth last May so I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this new addition yet, but espressini was my go to when I was revising and needed somewhere to spread my books other than at home. Alice xxx

    May 19, 2015 @ 6:42 am