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Essex Tyler: Pots fit for a Royal Wedding List?

Two facts you may not already know about Essex: firstly, Prince Charles has an 'Essex' in his private collection and (this is my personal favourite) Essex lists as cast and crew alongside Catherine Zeta Jones, Sean Pertwee and a fresh faced Ewan McGregor in the ‘very-nearly blockbusting’ movie Blue Juice (1995). Not directly involved in the whipped-cream CZJ T-Rex frenzy (lucky old Sean) Essex can be spotted getting salty rather than fruity on camera as part of the surfing crew.

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Raku, paintings, prints & jewellery
01736 731109
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The Tyler Gallery
Brook Street
tr19 6rd
Mar - Dec 10am - 6pm, wave permitting...
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True to form, if there’s a wave then Essex will ditch his potting, or shut the gallery and in the Blue Juice is where you’ll find him. Formerly a deep sea fisherman, Essex’s studio started out next to the fish market in Newlyn, moving into Mousehole ten years ago where he set up his first gallery. Studying at Penwith School of Art and then Falmouth College, it was a course at The Tate, St Ives which took Essex down the Raku route of potting. Today you will often find him (wave permitting) hard at work ‘al fresco’ where he prefers to pot if possible. With views out over Mounts Bay and being of course able to keep a careful eye on the water, who can blame such a devoted sea dog?

Newlyn-born and bred, Essex now lives in Mousehole with his young family and an overly zealous Coco, the chocolate labrador, who is keen to welcome me, less keen on Otis. It’s a very sunny Sunday afternoon and I am drooling over The Essex family home, which is quite possibly the nicest house in the village and a stone’s throw from his gallery. A perfect commute to work. Although a fisherman for a decade, Essex tells me he started making pots from the age of six and looking at the very good abstracts, proudly framed on the walls of his house, his own children are firmly following in their father’s footsteps (is it a sunflower or a whale? Either way, its bold stuff). As well as pots, Essex paints: his works are mixed media (very mixed) incorporating beeswax and marble dust with oils and acrylics. His gallery also shows a collection of local artists, some well-known names such as Breon O’Casey, Anthony Frost and Biddy Picards amongst The Tyler Gallery Catalogue. An exhibitor in shows all across Cornwall, Essex can also be found in Sloane Street and Cork Street galleries.

A family man, surfer, potter, artist and gallery owner, Essex has another great love in his life: his beloved 1910 Salcombe Pilot Cutter. There’s a touch of melancholy about his admission that he doesn’t get out on her as often as he’d like. Never mind, with one eye firmly on the water, I take my cue and venture out of possibly the nicest house in Mousehole. I get a funny feeling the gallery will not re-open this afternoon … .

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Essex Tyler: Pots fit for a Royal Wedding List?

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  1. essex

    Hi Philippa,

    Realy enjoyed reading the article.Also liked the picture. Thats fab! sx

    Apr 26, 2011 @ 10:26 am

  2. Angela Williams

    Lovely piece about Essex, Philippa, I have not seen him for ages. Friends with his Mum Vanessa, who I met when she was designing clothes in the Sixties and modelling. Ran away from it all to Cornwall and made lovely handsome Boys – one of which is Essex. I do have a great portrait of him that I took in the 80’s or 90’s maybe – I will look it out . . .x Angela W

    Oct 31, 2015 @ 8:07 pm