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Etherington’s Butchery Academy: no spam here

Here at the GCG we love a good excuse to get our hands dirty, and get involved in learning something new. So when the opportunity attend a butchery course at Etherington’s Butchery Academy came up, make no mis-steak, we went for it.

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Meat, Learning a new skill, bloody good times
01209 899203
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Wheal Rose, Scorrier, Cornwall
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Etherington’s Butchery Academy is just on the way to Porthtowan in Wheal Rose, Scorrier. The meat masters have built a bespoke eco-building with cool views of the sea and mining country. Nevertheless the ‘classroom’ is pretty cold. In fact it is a fridge (for obvious reasons so that the subject matter doesn’t go whiffy).

The head honcho is Frank Linn, having worked as a butcher for longer than is proper to report and travelled over Europe honing his skills, he is a wealth of meaty know-how. We begin with half a pig – it still has his teeth in – and get crackling…

We break the piggy-wig down into its primal cuts and get to know what bits are good for what, and Frank gives us lots of info on how we should cook them too. We work out how to do the infamous butcher’s knot to showcase our wares.

In fact, there is just oodles to learn about butchery, meat, making the most of different (read cheaper/ less popular) cuts of meat. It is well worth making good pals with your local butcher because the quality, provenance and all those importantly reassuring ethical nuggets, is what they do best.

Etherington’s Butchery Academy is all about passing on the traditional skills of the trade and encouraging people to learn new skills and get passionate about their food. The school also teaches aspiring chefs, pros and is affiliated with Cornwall College.

There are plenty of different courses to book on and no spam either! Not one for the veggies…

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Etherington’s Butchery Academy: no spam here

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