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Fal River Festival 2012

Pull on your walking boots and dig out the rambler red socks Fal River Festival is about to begin. A walking festival that knows only the bounds of the Cornish coastline walks of various terrains, difficulties and dog/ family friendly have been expertly mapped out, paced out and are about to be celebrated.

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Exploring, adventure, river rats
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Some of the walks are guided by super-efficient and knowledgeable folk, most likely ex-D of E ers, who will lead you around miles of fabulous locations, delivering you back to somewhere to snack and drink copious amounts of tea.

GCG’s Top Tips

Pick up a festival guide

For all the info that you need make sure that you pick up a festival guide and for techy types click here for online info on guided walks and sponsors.

Go off piste

Make sure to dig out the compass and make an adventure on the non-guided but totally recommended walks and routes.

Pig out afterwards

Surely after all that hiking and trotting one deserves to make like a glutton and indulge in the fab food (plan this into your walks or read up on pre-planned nourishment).

For more from the awesome chaps at Fal River check out their website and make sure you invest in a Mussel Card

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Fal River Festival 2012

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