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Fifteen Cornwall’s Autumn Farmers’ Market

Head down to Watergate Bay on Saturday 19th October for the annual Fifteen Farmer’s Market – choc full of fabulous seasonal fodder.

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Watergate Bay, Cornwall
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We love autumn-time at the GCG for the simple reason that the festivals, harvests and markets are the perfect excuse for a gluttonous foodie rampage around Cornwall. The autumn farmer’s market at Fifteen Cornwall is now in its 7th year and has everything on offer from seasonal veggies to deli meats and sustainably caught fish. Take jute bags to get a good haul!

Fifteen Cornwall’s hugely talented local suppliers will be on show so you can try first-hand the great food and produce Fifteen Cornwall uses in its own kitchen.   There will also be cooking demonstrations from Cornish Chefs on the Cornwall Food & Drink stage throughout the day and a chance to go food foraging with Fat Hen.


When: Saturday 19 October, 9.30am to 3.30pm

Where: Fifteen Cornwall

Price: Free entry.  Fat Hen food foraging with Caroline Davey is £10 per person.

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Fifteen Cornwall’s Autumn Farmers’ Market

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