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Guest Illustrator: A Gun for Hire

Beguiling and imaginative, sitting in her studio (Hooper and Shaw in Port Isaac) is both exciting and intoxicating; ingenuity is vicariously siphoned into my eager fingertips and the collaboration takes a most vivid shape. A curious mix of antiquity and modernity Nicole is fastidiously funny and ultimately so very insightful. As a freelance illustrator she is somewhat a gun for hire; the variety of her commissioned portfolio is eclectic and the veneer of commerciality that comes with selling your muse does not affect, but is enhanced by, the beautiful branding she creates for those big companies. The handmade books, prints and quirky precision scratched ink drawings are what make her so special. The translation of words into pictures crescendos into visual gluttony.

Nicole studied illustration at the University of Brighton, but the lure of the Cornish north coast has brought her here to live – though, as with many, London town tempts her back for freelance work. An avid collector of texturally stimulating magazines, inspiration can come from anywhere. Her rather dapper partner in crime Dan Scott jumps in throughout our time peppering the conversation with sublime film stills and anecdotal iPad apps. Theirs is a whole other world of creativity and they make you feel like anything is possible. Pay a visit to their studio in Port Isaac or fall further down the rabbit hole online: & Or to read more from the Good Cornwall Guide about Hooper & Shaw click here.