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An interview with Alex Polizzi: Living the Cornish lifestyle – with style

What does Cornwall offer for you as a holiday destination?

Cornwall offers wonderful walking – the coastal path around St Anthony’s Head is one of my favourites, as is the walk through the fields from St Mawes to St Just Church.

What are your top tips for travelling to Cornwall?

My advice is to pack for everything the weather can possibly throw at you.  Even in the depths of winter it is a good idea to bring a short-sleeved t-shirt and sunglasses, and given our last few summers, you need to find room for wellies, waterproofs and warm weather clothing alongside your swimwear!

The train route to Cornwall is painfully slow after Plymouth, but gives you some stunning vistas; don’t drive down and spend your first days of holiday recovering from the experience.  Take an indulgent picnic on the train and start your holiday as soon as it leaves Paddington station.

You have been filming this summer in Cornwall, what was the best bit?

I love discovering new bits of the county when I am filming, so I was happy to be working down there, but the biggest pleasure was a night staying at Hotel Tresanton, rather than our family home in St Mawes; I haven’t done that for years.

Other than the Tresanton, where would be your favourite place to go to stay?

I am a huge fan of what Charles and Edmund Inkin have done at The Gurnard’s Head in Zennor, so I am thrilled that they have taken over The Old Coastguard in Mousehole; they really look after their customers and the food is fantastic.

What do you look for in a hotel before taking it on as a project for Hotel Inspector?

I like a problem I haven’t tackled before because otherwise it gets boring for me and for the viewer!

What was your plan B had you not gone into presenting & property?

I thought I would work in hotels all my life.

What projects are you working on currently?

I am filming another Fixer that is coming out in January, I write a monthly column for The Telegraph Travel, I am expecting a baby in March, I have been ripping out and replanting the garden and trying to teach my daughter how to read.

Where has been your favourite place to renovate?

Watching Hotel Endsleigh in Devon come to life with my mother’s wonderful design, after it had been shut up for so many years felt like a miracle.

Tell me a dirty secret during your trip away.


*A huge thanks to Alex, and a big congratulations for the newest addition to the Polizzi crew!