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Breakfast with John Torode

Breakfast in Cornwall is a time for a treat, lots of eggs and bacon, and lots of toast and butter and sauce and lovely things. There are loads of great places to eat in Cornwall, but the best of them all is Nathan Outlaw’s gaff which is amazing in that it houses a 2 Michelin Star restaurant as well as a great bistro with the most beautiful fish… go eat!

Cornwall is all about the beach for me, be it cold and blustery or baking hot and all things in-between I am off to the beach – in togs or with a kite I love the sand and rocks and waves and salt water. I always try to stay beachfront; Sennen Cove is definitely a favourite as is Watergate Bay.

For the foodie there is loads to do, be it driving down a country lane and buying some eggs and a little meat from a farm shop, to some of the greatest fish restaurants in the country. There are food markets and festivals of all kinds on at various times over the year, search them out and don’t forget all the artisan producers…

My ideal meal has to be cooked outside, the sun high in the sky, a bottle of rose and lots of grilled fish and lamb chops with copious amounts of salad, although my dirty foodie secret is that I am a sucker for a pasty and so Cornwall is the place for me!