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  • How the West was Won

How the West was Won


Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard

From 1998’s eponymous Jurassic 5 EP and subsequent album, there aren’t many tracks that embrace the feeling of a quick hour down the beach on your lunchbreak, flip flops on and shades at the ready, than Concrete Schoolyard. Sharp, astute lyrics with a blissed out funky backing track with Summer Breeze and Wild Style samples. Wind those windows down and some appreciative nodding of heads will soon come your way.


Len - Steal My Sunshine

There’s something about adolescent pain in the heat that strikes a chord in all of our hearts (those of us that remember what heat is! Thanks 2012!). When it’s backed up with a feel good melody that virtually owned the summer of ’99,  you have a timeless classic that will never sound out of touch at any beach bar on a late July evening as the sun slips away across the pond for another day.



Dashboard Confessional: So Long, So Long

Never before have the tears that come at the end of a sun filled, passionate, summer romance been caught so well as in this 2006 heartbreaker from the pit of Chris Carrabba’s soul. Think lazy summer evenings with feet dangling over the harbour wall at Towan, long strolls at low tide, and late drinks atop the peninsula’s jaggedy cliffs. Oh the memories!  “I will leave under the cover of summer’s kiss upon the sky, like the stone face of your lover just before she says goodbye. I was certain that the season could be held between my arms, but just as summer’s hold is fleeting I was here and now I’m gone”. Epic


Donavon Frankenreiter: It Don't Matter

When it comes to living the dream, the honourable Sir Donavon has all bases covered. With four amazing blues albums under his belt, one of the best known free surfers in the galaxy (That’s right kids. He gets paid to surf and doesn’t even have to try to win!), a house in Hawaii and a son called Hendrix Frankenreiter, it doesn’t get any cooler. You’d certainly struggle to find a cooler tune that sums up the laidback attitude of a Cornish summer more than 2004’s rip-roaring sing along anthem “It Don’t Matter”. I’ve lost count of the amount of pubs I’ve heard this played in, but when I heard it in a Truro supermarket last summer I finally knew that it is indelibly tattooed upon the very Cornish psyche for ever more.


The Cat Empire: Hello

It’s safe to say that a fair amount of you will never have heard of the Cat Empire (although as “Hello” has recently been featured on a car advert you never know) but their unique fusion of ska, jazz, rap and Latin has saved many a Cornish house party from terminal entropy over the years. A largely autobiographical track about what the boys like to do when they’re not singing (so drinking, ogling women, sunbathing, drinking and drinking then…) has an uncanny habit of making you tap your feet and smile at strangers. If this isn’t already part of your summer playlist get downloading now!