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  • Mixed Tape Interview: All the Fires

Mixed Tape Interview: All the Fires


Jess Billington: Album review

The latest album by ‘All the Fires’ titled ‘Territories’ is a mix of a soft duet of female vocals with a country twang and an upbeat yet dreamlike soundtrack with well-penned lyrics woven around a  simple acoustic guitar sound and perfectly punctuated percussion.

Easy to tap along to yet not too obtrusive, the band are apparently inspired by Cornwall and this comes across in their laid back, catchy tunes and wistful verses that put you in some sort of reverie. From upbeat and dramatic ‘Baby I’m Broken’ to the dark and gentle piano sounds on ‘The Curse’, the album is a real arbitrary mix. Many people have compared ‘All the Fires’ to Fleetwood Mac which I can understand but their style is also so unique to them.

A modern folk sound and tracks that inspire you to lie back and remember past loves and rekindle old dreams, this 6 piece band have truly captured imagination and the beauty of Cornwall in their music.