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Hidden idyll – camping at Trevedra Farm

The location couldn't have been better - in an amazing setting looking out over the Atlantic- Trevedra Farm sits just north east of Land’s End. The combination of having one of Cornwall's best surfing beaches on its doorstep and being close enough to the ‘end of the land’ makes it a quiet, idyllic destination to spend some quality time under the stars.

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Gwenver beach Cornwall
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One of my 5-year-old son’s best friends was moving away and he and his parents were homeless (having sold their house) so we thought we’d combine a camping trip with one last Cornish surf to send them on their way.

I’d been camping here a couple of years ago when Trevedra was just a farm with some fields and showers. I was pleasantly surprised to find an attractive new wood clad café and shop and the entire campsite looking fresh and well trimmed without losing the working farm atmosphere that appealed so much to my son (what’s a boy to do without a tractor in his life?).

Farm machinery aside, the most important thing for the (bigger) boys was the surf so as soon as we’d pitched up we headed for the beach. This is not your normal stroll across the car park – it’s a long hike down a narrow path then lots of steep steps to Gwenver beach. While descending you have gravity on your side and some beautiful views, coming back sorts the men from the boys. Maybe this is why there is a distinct lack of your normal bucket and spade brigade, refreshingly replaced with surfers, swimmers and coastal path hikers.

Gwenver is renowned for its surf – facing directly west it receives any swell going – if there isn’t a wave here then there’s unlikely to be one anywhere else. The wave is also more powerful, making it easier to catch and a lot more fun to ride. With power however comes danger, there are plenty of rips and undertows to beware of – first timers can find an easier wave at Sennen which is a short hike along the coastal path.

Sennen is also the closest community to Trevedra Farm and has bucket loads of character, places to eat and drink including The Beach Restaurant and if you’re lucky you might meet famous Bilbo the life saving dog.

Back at Gwenver, the sun beating down on us as we surfed to a backdrop of rocks called the ‘Giant Steps’, we followed up the waves with some crabbing in the numerous rock pools and sunbathed while gazing across the sea to the clear outline of the Isles of Scilly.

Back at camp and the (smaller) boys had found cohorts and were having fun playing in the very safe and open grassy areas, riding their bikes, scooters and skateboards. There were plenty of impromptu games of football while the cricket matches went on well after bad light should have stopped play but the umpires were far too relaxed to care.

Trevedra Farm has to be my favourite place to camp in Cornwall: it’s super child and family friendly, has great surf, amazing views and sunsets and after a week of hiking those steps you’ll have legs and a butt of steel! In fact, I’m secretly concocting a plan to rent out my house and pitch up at Trevedra for the entire summer next year … .


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Hidden idyll – camping at Trevedra Farm

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