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  • The Brew House - home brewing course

Home Brewing Course – The Brew House

GCG will be joining head barista Will at Origin Coffee’s ‘The Brew House’ on the harbour front in Porthleven for a home brewing masterclass. That’s right, as a dedicated coffee lover I am about to immerse myself into the science of making the perfect cup. Visitors can look forward to my superior skills soon, and probably ought to drink tea until then.

Perfect For:
Coffee Connoisseurs, Home Brew Boffs
01326 574337
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Harbour Head, Porthleven, Cornwall
TR13 9JY
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The Brew House is hosting a series of Home Brewing Course from 6.30pm – 8.30pm in Porthleven. In the bijou coffee haven on the harbour front is a gateway (like the Narnian wardrobe) to the experimental coffee creativity going on behind the marzocco machine. From cold brew to Nicaraguan Fincas Mierisch (naturally washed and funky to taste) The Brew House was born to be a place to experience Origin speciality coffee at its very best. For Tom and the Origin crew, it is the next stage in the journey to providing customers with the ultimate coffee experience. Embrace the passion for the process and dedicated attention to brewing and book on to the course.

Want to join in? The single cup filter class will give you chance to focus solely on building your filter brewing knowledge. The time is spent trying out different apparatus and filter materials as well as looking into the science behind the extraction and how you can use it to manipulate the flavour of your drinks. It is pretty much everything except espresso – which you need a swish machine to make.

They’ll also have a chance to try out new seasonal blends and experimental coffees.

Courses run on:

Thursday 29th May
Thursday 12th June
Thursday 3rd July

Places are limited to 10 and tickets are £20. Book online and unleash your inner coffee geek.

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Home Brewing Course – The Brew House

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