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From the GCG Zine

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Picture the perfect family camping trip and you may well imagine lounging in Cath Kidston deckchairs, watching children play hide

Port Eliot

With more than 100 rooms, 11 staircases, a Georgian kitchen that is 100 metres from the nearest dining room, 15

Baked sea bass with soused vegetables and smoked paprika potatoes

This is a great way of cooking bigger sea bass that you may be able to get hold of once

Escapist Luggage: What to Pack for Cornwall

There is a saying that in Cornwall you can experience four seasons in one day and whilst you hope this won’t be


What a choice! It’s wonderful to see a gradual hum of budding wine aficionados exploring new styles and experiencing for

Seasonal Fodder

I must have the best job in the world. At Cornwall Food & Drink we work amongst some of the

The GCG Canon

As the author of books set in Cornwall, I thought it would be easy to select my favourite five novels

Guest Illustrator: A Gun for Hire

Nicole Heidaripour is a very talented and enormously generous illustrator who has tattooed the first GCG mag enticingly throughout.

How the West was Won

5 tracks that define a Cornish Summer

Rock star: Cornwall’s Outlaw singing to his own tune

Two restaurants; two Michelin stars and a book launch: steps on a culinary stairway to heaven? Absolutely. But Rock’s star