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Je Tam: Utterly Tam-tastic Raw Goodness

From the packaging (two neat brown boxes dressed with green ribbon and a lush label) to the cake, Je Tam’s raw foods are the proof in the pudding that sugar, dairy and gluten are so unnecessary to deliciousness.

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Je Tam is an uber lovely mum & daughter team making clean, raw food from Foundry Farm, Hayle – making and delivering, how super is that? My little boxes of deliciousness appeared in the Landy (good for cheeky parcel drops) and immediately I was hooked.

Je Tam delivered raw chocolate orange cheesecake, raw chunky monkey cheesecake, a lemon, lime and coconut bar and two spirulina balls; as well as two savoury burgers packed with goodness. All the products were sugar, gluten, dairy free, vegan and raw for optimum nutrition. And they tasted really good. In fact, you wouldn’t realise that they were sugar/ dairy free! The cheesecake was sooo creamy, and the natural sweetness of Tam’s ingredients packs an amazing flavour punch.

So why go raw? Tam gave up sugar after being really addicted (who doesn’t need chocolate?) eating the white stuff straight out of the bag. Despite making an effort to ‘clean it up’ her cheat meals would see a gluttonous indulgence in sugariness. She was ill, a lot.

Tam says, “Nothing major but I’d get everything going. I started to get more into reading articles about fitness and nutrition and then…. bam! I got sick, really sick. I was laid up in bed for 3 months, too painful to do anything. The doctors gave me antibiotics after antibiotics and I was on a whole heap of codeine to take the pain away.”

It was illness that inspired Tam to start eating super food to get healthy (that and she was due to get married in a few months…) As Tam LOVED food and didn’t want to crash diet she decided to give up sugar.

“I stuck to it, and I started to be inventive, using bananas to sweeten my baking and changing cocoa for raw cocao. And I started to get better, the better I got the more I read and that was when I decided to study naturopathic nutrition.”

Tam is super passionate about healing with food – and to be honest when the clean raw food is as good as the stuff that team Je Tam are creating, it’s like having your cake and eating it.

Eating raw is highly beneficial because nature is incredibly intelligent. All food comes with all the enzymes needed to digest it as part of that food. Unfortunately the cooking process breaks down those enzymes making it harder to digest and obtain all of the nutrients from that food. Je Tam also use whole foods, believing that food is in the form it’s in because that’s how nature designed it to work best!

So where can you get it from? You can order here or visit one of the stores that stock Je Tam’s products. I’m getting mine delivered straight to the Landy. I can’t recommend it enough!

Je Tam’s products can be found at Archie Browns in Penzance and Truro, The Natural Store in Helston and Falmouth, Elixir Soup and Juice (also in Falmouth) The Granary and The Front Room – both in Penzance.

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Je Tam: Utterly Tam-tastic Raw Goodness

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