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Labyrinth: NoFit State at the Eden Project

Happy 10th Birthday Eden! To celebrate reaching double digits The Eden Project have invited NoFit State Circus to St Austell; a show that will take you on a magical and intoxicating tour of Eden’s mysterious biomes.
The three of us ventured up to Eden on Wednesday, we were triangles and we were excited. I have long been a fan of Cirque Du Soleil and these guys have been billed as Cirque without the Disney – raw circus – let me at it.

Perfect For:
Circus Skills,
Intoxicating Performance,
Biomes & BBQs
Eden Project
PL24 2SG
29th July - 29th August
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Led through the Mediterranean biome by curious circus folk; eccentric bicycle wheedling gentlemen and glamorous ladies kicking off their heels to contort in hoops above our heads was only the beginning.

Seated and serenaded by an accordion playing gent and a drumming delinquent, an Italian wowed us in a metal ring that he span around in, kissing the ladies hands as he went.

Through a jungle with haunting ladies swathed in netting and lace singing, much like the mermaids tempting the sailors to their deaths on the rocks.

Into the Eden BBQ tent for roast meat and burgers, an ice cream shack beckoned though it were raining (it also sold beer…).

Into the big top, formerly the ice-skating rink and a most magically dangerous and romantically violent performance played out all around and above our heads.

 Constantly moving, no time for distractions, kept alert and involved at all times – wear sensible shoes! Interactive and completely enthralling. Live band was rock and roll and terribly brilliant.

29 July- 29 August – possibly the longest birthday party? Go, I advise you, because if you don’t you will be missing out on two magnificent organisations collaborating in such a unique way. Many Happy Returns!


  • Adults: £30
  • Children: £17.50

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Labyrinth: NoFit State at the Eden Project

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