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Lamiroy Surf Academy

When I rocked up at Perranporth beach on an absolutely scorching Sunday afternoon, I have to say, I was a little apprehensive. Having never set foot, or anything else for that matter, on a surfboard before, I most definitely fell into the category of “Novice”. The man himself, Sam Lamiroy, told me I’d be standing up by the end of the lesson. He was not wrong.

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Perhaps it takes a professional of twenty years, but Sam and his fellow instructor James, (both remarkably handsome by the way ladies,) managed to get me on my feet, several times, despite my generally having all the balance of a new-born giraffe.  Everyone at the academy was so welcoming and encouraging; it all made for the perfect first lesson.

The academy offers coaching to its members at two levels, the first being “explorer”, for those who are new to the sport or haven’t had a go at in a while. The second is a rare find: “progression coaching” for regular surfers. So essentially, if you’re already pretty nifty in the water but need a few pro tips to get you to the top of your game, Sam is your man.

There’s a brilliant family atmosphere, with younger surfers practicing their balance on the sand whilst their folks race down to the water. Memberships are annual, just £10 a month if you’re solo, or £20 a month for the whole family. You get free access to the Surf Shed, filled with a veritable plethora of alluring boards of varying sizes, styles and materials. Lamiroy are soon to be stocking samples from Driftwood Surfboards, providing surfers with the opportunity to try out bespoke wooden boards. All wetsuits are O’Neill, glued and blind stitched to keep you cosy, and the lovely Jill picked out the perfect fit for me. You get all kinds of discounts for local businesses, and the academy hosts some brilliant member’s only events.

On top of all this, after a hot shower (luxury!) you can make your way upstairs, plant yourself on a sofa, and watch a bit of telly with a cuppa before you head home. Bliss. So, there you have it. Professional coaching at all levels, excellent quality equipment and fantastic company. Make this the summer you get the most from Cornwall.

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Lamiroy Surf Academy

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  1. dan wakeham

    Here is the video from Alex’s surfing adventure:

    Jul 21, 2013 @ 10:32 am