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Lusty Glaze Beach Sundowner Sessions: The Feeling

A picture perfect secluded cove, surrounded by towering cliffs. The guys at LGB have got themselves a particularly special slice of Cornwall.

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Sunset dancing, beach BBQing and super special sea views.
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If I am honest, The Feeling are not exactly my bag. As fun as they were, I prefer my guitars a little on the rowdier side. Lusty Glaze Beach, on the other hand, was just my thing.

The 133 step descent to the beach might sound a little daunting on paper, especially to someone like me who so enjoys a good sit down, but it’s well worth the stomp. Touching down on cool, pale sand, you are greeted by all sorts of inviting sounds and smells.

Taking the humble beach BBQ to the extreme, on offer was smoky, chargrilled chicken, salty halloumi and enormous, shallow pans of colourful paella, packed with chicken and chorizo. Teamed with a frosty lager, my paella went down a treat whilst I took a seat to watch the sun set.

Once the pink sky and turquoise waves had darkened, the beach was all the more beautiful in its new light. A string of warm-white bulbs marked out the best spot for dancing, and of that there was plenty.

This week saw crowds kicking up sand to both Morcheeba and Newton Faulkner, and there are still more Sundowner Sessions to go this summer. Take a blanket to sit on, your favourite cosy knit and your best pal. Kick your shoes off once the sun has set, and get dancing.

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Lusty Glaze Beach Sundowner Sessions: The Feeling

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