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Mustard & Rye

The cool kids are in town, taking down hunger with American chic style. Mustard & Rye, a new foodie venture for Tom Hancock of Bustophers, Truro has opened with a touch of urban US style and jam-packed with flavour.

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Pulled Pork, Big n Bold Food, Urban Cowboy Cool
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Step inside the creatively designed Mustard & Rye, unashamedly big and bold food, packed full of American style smoked flavour. Meats are packed with sweet BBQ taste and slow roasted in a special imported US smoker giving authenticity the edge in the kitchen. Grab a beer from the bar and look around before sliding into a saffron yellow leather booth, grabbing the innovative menu as you go.

Think Bootleg Burgers, Slow-Roasted Brisket Sandwiches, Lime and Salt Crackling and F L A V O U R. My pulled pork is soft, succulent and tender, straight out of the smoker and my chilli cheese chips, well they are pretty much a meal in themselves.

The atmosphere is buzzing, which in such a big space (though the interior design is bang on and done to create ‘pockets’) is really wonderful and makes for a comfortable, stylish and chic ranch-style Americana joint which just lends itself to the hipster et. al.

It’s the Speakeasy upstairs that is intriguing… a late night upstairs bar serving prohibition era cocktails. Understatedly asserting itself as the place for late night shin-digs and maxin’ and relaxin’.

Open from 10 am til late Mustard and Rye has got all bases covered, in industrial yet warm tresses, no less. We want to work our way through the entire menu, and by gum we’ll give it a good go!

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Mustard & Rye

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