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The New West Country Cook Book: Taster Recipe

The GCG are very excited to pour through David Griffen's beautifully executed New West Country Cook Book; but before we get our dirty paws on a copy we received a sneak preview of a very tasty dish: Cornish Rarebit with Doom Bar Beer.

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“This Cornish rarebit mixture can also be spread over white fish fillets before grilling or baking to form a delicious coating. Sharp’s is our local brewery and, in my opinion, a pioneer in the way it brews its beer. Sharp’s Doom Bar has a lovely subtleness to it, making it perfect for cooking as well as being very easy to drink!”

SERVES 4: PREP: 15 mins: COOKING: a few mins under the grill


120g mature Cheddar cheese

60ml Doom Bar beer

30g plain flour

30g breadcrumbs

1 tbsp English mustard

3 egg yolks

I loaf of bread uncut


Grate the cheese and place in a saucepan with the beer.

Heat over a medium flame until the cheese has melted and the mixture begins to bubble.

Stir in the flour, breadcrumbs and mustard.

Continue to cook gently until the mixture comes away from the saucepan cleanly and forms a soft ball.

It is important to keep stirring.

Remove from the heat and cool.

Beat in the egg yolks until the mixture is smooth and all the

yolk is incorporated.

Slice the loaf into ‘doorsteps’.

Lightly toast the ‘doorsteps’ under the grill on both sides.

Spread liberally with the Cornish rarebit mixture.

Place under a hot grill until the rarebit bubbles.

Cut and serve immediately.

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The New West Country Cook Book: Taster Recipe

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