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Philleigh Way Cookery School

For countryside cool, sumptuous supper clubs and cookery school courses, with a pretty awesome – jump in amongst the hay and venture down to the water to catch some fish – type attitude, the boys at Philleigh Way are the boys behind a simply marvellous foodie haunt.

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Court Farm, Philleigh, Nr Truro, Cornwall
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In their bespoke kitchen, which made me sigh with envy before wanting to touch all the shiny surfaces; George and James – brothers-in-law and competitive companions – show me their super high tech gadgetry, which juxtaposes ultimately so well with their nature-abundant Roseland location. In fact George is just playing with his latest kitchen toy, a water bath, as we sit down but it is their extractor fans which make me gleefully exclaim. They are like something out of a Bond movie, (make sure you get a look at them in action). I should also mention George is just making some homemade ice-cream too, and planning an 18 hour slow cooked brisket in said water bath… yum.

Over a v fine cup of coffee George, the chef of the two, talks to me about making clotted cream with the students, sourcing all their ingredients hyper locally (game from next door – who incidentally have the pheasants at the bottom of the garden), his Dad’s veg garden just behind the school and fish from King Harry water crossing. Incredibly fresh to say the least! The school and their attitude to eating and cooking is to be adventurous, make the most of the bounty on their doorstep and to let the guests really enjoy themselves. It’s a great social thing – and everyone goes away knowing more.

Like any brilliant twosome it is the banter which keeps you wanting more. James, not just the pot-wash he assures me, is the brains behind the interiors (and an ex-lawyer is flexing his creativity with some aplomb) and together you just know your course or supper club evening is going to be pretty fun.

Their supper clubs run every Thursday whilst their cookery school courses are all online and work to teach ‘students’ in a fun and informal way lots of impressive skills and culinary know-how. This passion for food, provenance and finding a way to diversify the farm (which has been in the Pascoe family for generations) is innovative and is at the heart of their raison d’etre.

They definitely aren’t doing anything by half – from the ergonomic design to the fantastic relationship with local Cornish produces (who also drop into cookery sessions to impart their skilful knowledge) they have every base covered.

Book onto a supper club or a cookery course and be prepared to think it’s Philleigh Way or no way at all.

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Philleigh Way Cookery School

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  1. Peter Hosken

    Good won Melodie,
    Or as we say in Oz,
    “Like a seagull onto a hot chip”

    PH. (Friend of the Family)

    Aug 02, 2013 @ 3:44 pm