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Proud to be a Lazy Cow….Cowshed Spa at St Moritz Hotel

Following an afternoon of delicious lunching and lounging around at the Seaside Brasserie at the St. Moritz Hotel I decided to relax and renew with a light dip in the pool and some time in the jacuzzi and steam room. Following a very light swim (three lengths to be precise) and a bit of bubble action in the jacuzzi, I lay in the steam room for what felt like forever until I felt ready to experience the ultimate pamper: a Cowshed massage

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Trebetherick, Rock, Wadebridge
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Now ladies, I know you all think a massage is a massage right?  But here is the thing: The Cowshed are iconic: the prestigious London Soho House who own Cowshed only have a handful of spas in the Country and they are all incredible stylish retreats where the signature products are used and the therapists are a different breed.  For example, Cowshed therapists often double up so you get two massages at once or one does your pedicure whilst one does your manicure: it’s the ultimate indulgence.

Being a woman of simple tastes I opted for just a back, neck and shoulder rub, just enough to help me relax after a hard days writing.  Sitting at a computer day and night means my tension really is in my back, neck and shoulders.  My therapist leads me into a dimly lit room and within minutes I’m head down on the couch waiting…. Soothing music, the correct pressure immediately and the incredible smell of the oils (I am treated to a lavender based bath and body oil called Knackered Cow – pretty much sums me up right now!) all add to the experience and by the time it’s over I really do not want to get off the couch.

What is it that makes Cowshed so special?  It could be the quality of the therapists they hire, it could be the incredible products or perhaps it’s the stylish spa environment: pedicure stations with individual TV screens, comfy sofas, the latest fashion magazines and trendy London vibe.  Either way, I feel utterly relaxed and refreshed as I leave the St. Moritz and feel pretty proud to be able to call myself a lazy cow today!  For further information on St. Moritz Hotel and Cowshed visit

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Proud to be a Lazy Cow….Cowshed Spa at St Moritz Hotel

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