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Retro surfing exhibition, Newquay

The Revolver shop Newquay hosts a rare exhibition of all things retro and surfing during Relentless Boardmasters, Europe’s largest surf and music festival.

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a vintage retro fest of boards, fashion, posters, mags
07989 351 257
Revolver Surfing Emporium, 87 Fore Street, Newquay
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Wooden bodyboards and vintage surfing memorabilia feature in an exhibition that unravels the history of surfing as we know it. The Original Surfboard Company tracks the beginnings of surfing from as early as 1922 on the Cornish coast when the concept of the sport was entirely different to the neoprene clad, polystyrene experience of today.

En route to the Boardmasters festival from Newquay, the exhibition is open until Sunday from 10:30 to 5pm. Entry is free. Highlights of some of the historic gems on display include posters and books dating back to the 1930s, vintage swimwear, a silk bathing suit and a pair of bright stripy skimpy trunks.

Surfing from the 1920s up to the 1960s meant prone riding on a wooden board, four feet by one foot called surf riding as celebrated by the gloriously retro World Belly Boarding Championships at Chapel Porth in September (along with some village fête type cake baking).

The original wooden surf riding boards are available to buy from Revolver and start from £45.


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Retro surfing exhibition, Newquay

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