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Rodda’s – The Cream of the Crop

A rousing sing-a-long at the Last Night of the Proms, freshly lawned Wimbledon courts or the majestic sound of willow against leather on a lazy summer afternoon. Few occasions evoke such raw patriotism and unite us as a nation but let us not forget one pivotal ingredient essential in such pomp and ceremony. The humble clotted cream, or for its’ correct provenance title, the Cornish Clotted Cream.

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From humble beginnings in 1890, take one great great grandmother, mix with a splashing of traditional farmhouse kitchen and add five generations of experience. Leave for the best part of 120 years, throw in dashings of Cornish cows and what you can taste is Rodda’s critically acclaimed Cornish Clotted Cream, along with a whole array of divine local dairy produce for good measure. With a recent brand re-launch reinforcing Rodda’s status as the guardian of Cornish cream, whilst an aptly phrased strapline of “Keepers of the Cream since 1890”, is there anything that could lay further claim to being more quintessentially Cornish, obviously subtracting the Cornish pasty from the equation.

Rodda’s is the oldest and largest producer of Cornish Clotted Cream with distribution reaching all corners of the world and rapidly expanding their creamy empire. Enjoy cream the continental way perched atop a fresh croissant or from the extravagant surroundings of afternoon tea at Raffles Hotel in Hong Kong. Alas small deliveries are not yet available abroad but Daisy and her dairy pals are getting somewhat excited about having their passports ready to be stamped. All signs (and crumbs) always lead back to Cornwall with Rodda’s taking great pride, quite rightly, in its Cornish heritage and origins. As a piece of after scone trivia, passengers on the final round the world Concorde flight were served Rodda’s cream tea as the final meal on board. Well as far as reference go this is certainly hitting the heights and may be classed as joining the mile high club! Personally what balmy summer afternoon, with a cooling Atlantic breeze, is complete without a scrumptious serving of fresh clotted cream atop a fresh from the oven scone. I am salivating with a sensory overload at the mere thought of this delightful concoction.

From the classic Cornish clotted crème to farmhouse butter, pouring cream and crème fraiche – Rodda’s is a candy store for diary connoisseurs or those who simply want to take a taste of Cornwall away with them, who can blame them after all. Having been awarded the “Protected Designation of Origin” in 1998 (only the second food produce in Britain to achieve this), Cornish clotted cream can now share taste buds with internationally acclaimed produce such as Champagne and Parma ham. Pretty exclusive company to be alongside from a little old corner of South-West England where we talk with a funny accent (only to the outsiders that is).

To the uneducated, or those simply across the Devonshire border with pride at stake, a scone always should uphold its’ Cornish traditions. Generous dollops should be served with lashings of cream taking prime real estate astride the strawberry jam beneath its’ shapely derriere. Failure to follow this simple instruction may result in you being banished across the Cornish border until such manners can be observed! More importantly though, remember that the next time you visit Cornwall to take home only Cornish clotted cream and leave just empty plates!

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