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Smash it up: Stone Carving

There’s nothing like smashing away at a lump of stone to really mentally relax. Stone Carving with Pete Graham is a real retreat into your own subconscious, as well as a great workout for the arms.

Perfect For:
Craft, Skills & Relaxation
01208 871029
Booking Enquiry:
Koeschi, Lanlivery, Bodmin, Cornwall
PL30 5BX
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Set deep in a luscious oasis in Lanlivery (near Golant) the stone carving workshop is hosted by Celia and Pete in their family built contemporary studio.

Not really knowing what to go for but opting to carve out my initials (2 – 3 letters is pretty much on target for a newbie carver’s first foray). I initially thought big; house name perhaps? Let me tell you that it takes so much longer than you think. I had a sudden, immediate, respect for the beautifully crafted stone name plates that adorn many a cottage.

There is art in the font type and Pete, an ex tech teacher, knows his stuff. In terms of how the letter should flow and what it says… complex and enticing. One very strict ‘M’ style and one free hand ‘M’ were traced onto the limestone (a very soft stone to work with, and crucially very forgiving). Then began the workout… it took all morning to make any kind of impression but at some point it clicked and I was away actually making a dent. The entire day flew by, bar a break for lunch: Pete & Celia offer B&B for discerning and project driven stone carvers – the eco-friendly lodge is a warm and inviting space (and the lunch – mouth-wateringly good, you might not want to step back out into the studio and just go for seconds).

And at the end of a hard day’s work I felt peaceful in a way only manually crafting can create, and I dragged home a name plate that I was proud of; my verdict? Going at it hammer and tongs, well chisel and mallet, is superbly satisfying and wholly recommended!

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Smash it up: Stone Carving

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