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Stein’s Fisheries: Padstow DIY Stein-tastic Fish

Adding to their empire and reinforcing the commonly held view that fish is the best dish in Padstow, Rick & Jill Stein have opened a new fishmongers next door to their fish ‘n’ chippy. Proffering fresh fish, shellfish and pre-prep’d seafood deliciousness Stein’s Fisheries will also offer the scrumptious deli space for more of their produce.

Perfect For:
Foodie Fishy Fiends
01841 532700
Booking Enquiry:
Stein's Fisheries
PL28 8BY
Daily 10am -5pm
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Cooking fish is not my forte, (cooking in general I am somewhat flummoxed by… going off piste is not necessarily a good plan) but armed with a recipe book and strict warning to stick to the tried and tested –by pros- and a plan B just in case I am willing to give it a go…. Especially as it sounds perfect for a summer’s eve BBQ with a lovely bottle of carefully chosen vino from around the corner at Bin Two.  The fishcakes and the crab sarnies may be the answer.

As Rick says: “Cornish fish is so very good.”

I shall have a fishy on a little dishy, I shall have a fishy when the boat reaches Stein’s…

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Stein’s Fisheries: Padstow DIY Stein-tastic Fish

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