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Surf’s Up – Surf School Polzeath

The Surf’s Up Surf School gang are so good at giving you surf advice (as they should be after some 14 years in the boarding business) that there’s almost nothing you need to know in advance... except that if you’re booking up with this great school, try and schedule an early session - and therefore a dry wetsuit. There’s is NOTHING worse than putting on a cold, soaking wetsuit that’s been hosed down and left in a chill!

Perfect For:
Super cool surfing
Awesome abs
Playing mermaids in the sea
01208 862003 or @ the beach 07760 126225
21 Trenant Close
PL27 6SW
Email for lessons:
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Nippy limbs aside, the lessons are great. I’ve had many summers’ worth of surf lessons here during my teenage years. Expect reasonable prices, super-friendly (not to mention very cute!) surf instructors who don’t mind wobbly beginners like I once was – though beware, they will throw the occasional jellyfish – and no sympathy if you fear the cold sea. They’re there to get you clued up and standing on a board by the end of the session, and by gum they do it well.

Sessions start at beginner level, work their way through intermediate and right up to expert. From experience, the best packages they do are the Weekenders, which are £69 for three lots of two-and-a-half hour sessions (thats 23 squids per session – bargain). That takes care of wetsuit, surf shoe and surfboard hire too. For beginners, an average session will start with a chat about basic board techniques, followed by paddling practice to get hold of a wave on the sand before you hit the water (if you’re sand paddling and trying to impress anyone… forget it. No, seriously, you’ll look like a total plum), and once in the water your instructor will gradually take you through from the body boarding stage to catching a wave and full scale surfing. Your thighs will ache, your tummy will start rumbling and you’ll be spouting salt water from the nose… but standing up on your board for the first time is a proud moment up there with your wedding day or the birth of your first child.

Next day’s session will involve something that’ll make a beginner’s stomach drop, but the teachers are so good at what they do that I have every confidence that you can pull it off. Once you’re back riding the waves on your feet, this fun little exercise entails having to catch juggling balls whilst surfing. It’s not as scary as it sounds! Two hours of that will give you the balance of a tightrope walker, and work up an appetite for that well deserved hot chocolate back at the beach café. The more advanced among you will of course be battling the more beastly waves in deeper waters. Good luck.

Surf’s Up have offered me such professionally taught lessons and, more importantly, some of my favourite Cornwall memories, come rain or shine. Booking up for a session with them might just be one of the best value, good time experiences you encounter on the north coast. Enjoy!

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  1. Simon

    I would absolutely love to try surfing out, i’ve given wind surfing a go and ached from head to toe after just two lessons, but was great fun. And I absolutely concur with the wet wetsuit dilemma, awful experience, especially when there is a hole in the suit in a delicate area that makes sure you get properly wet and cold when you dip in the icy waters. The dry wetsuit is an essential!

    Apr 21, 2011 @ 10:59 am

  2. Leanne Rice

    Oh my gosh I know! I also reviewed Errant surf school in Newquay (coming v soon!) and they were fantastic but oh em gee… That wetsuit was like squishing myself into the outermost circle of hell.

    Not that I’m dramatic or anything. Thanks for checking us out Mr Button 🙂

    Apr 24, 2011 @ 3:38 pm