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The Ranch Steakhouse

Being a farmer’s daughter I’m partial to a nice juicy slab of cow cooked medium, but to satisfy me it had better be very good; years of sampling has led to a standard that only H.R.H would be happy with. Whilst ambling around toying with the idea of perhaps going for a sneaky lunchtime pizza, my eyes were drawn across events square to the horns in the window. A quick look at the specials board outside and I had my hide (and his) planted on the buffalo red coloured booth seat within seconds. It was a gamble, we were the only ones there.

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3 Tidemill House Discovery Quay, Falmouth, Cornwall
TR11 3XP
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Service was quick and the drinks order was in whilst I took a look at the interior decoration standard.  Impressed, the inside is built like a cross between the wild west cattle handling facility and your ideal lounge with some tactile home comforts thrown in.  Cow hide tiles along one wall, a lasso, numerous comfy lounging (and spying) booths, even the toilet roll holder has some horns on, I take in the details whilst Jonny Cash is belting out burning ring of fire.  I feel my inner cowgirl coming out.

My expectation building, we were not disappointed.  He opted for ribs, I opted for rib eye and the boys at this ranch did not disappoint.  Tender, juicy, a bit of char, perfect chips and a bucket of salad evenly dressed, the steak was the star of this show.  I had to ask where it came from , Aubrey Allan, London was the quick response, he supplies the Queen…

Slightly disappointed I put my steak knife down,  as I am pro Cornish, there’s meat running around my back yard, why on earth did it not come from a local source? The waiter knew his stuff, “we need consistent size, quality and delivery we’ve tried but are yet to find a supplier that can do what Aubrey Allan does, you should look him up”.  Upon closer inspection of his Aubrey’s website it seems The Queen and a few masterchefs rate him;  and on the taste and tenderness, who am I to argue? The secret is in the hanging I believe, with a degree in Agriculture & Estate Management under my belt I flashback to Seale Hayne’s lectures on rigor and muscle relaxation and optimum long hanging times for the best tenderness.  There’s science to this steak, a science I am happy to pay for.  The booths are now full, and so am I.  We’ll be back to wrestle with another fine beast very soon.

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The Ranch Steakhouse

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