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The Tube: Coffee Van

The Tube seeks to meet the needs of the people, to serve the caffeine depraved Cornish folk, to lift their spirits and fuel their days. The Tube is here, The Tube is there…


Whilst meandering around Rosudgeon car boot one fine sunny Wednesday morning, the caffeine department started making demands from within.  My eyes were scanning for a suitable outlet and suddenly boom, there it was

The coffee did not disappoint, I’m a latte girl and out it came nestled alongside a handmade blueberry (terribly healthy looking) muffin.  The man is charge is Simeon Portway and he renovated the van himself along with some help from his bro.  The attention and quality is amazing inside and if I didn’t have my 3 year old to deal with I’m sure I would have wangled my way in behind the counter.  I loved the hanging baskets and the tasty cake department at the end, it gave a homely feel whilst standing in the middle of a field.  There is a despatch hatch at the end after you’ve placed your order at the side, you can see the coffee prepared, stirred, loved, lidded and slid out.  Credit where credit is due Simon told me about the good lady (as you know behind every good man there’s a good woman). It was she who made the cake departments contents and I feel prep the hanging baskets and probably suggest the seating area.  Lovingly arranged at the side are a series of comfy deck chairs to savour the delights and sights and sounds.

The coffee is organic and is full and sweet with fruity length and cocoa after-taste, the organic espresso is a combination of certified coffees from Limu (Ethiopia), Tunki (Peru) and Finca La Esperanza (Colombia) mixed with Organic milk, of course! The healthy muffin was duly munched and filled a gap well.  It was one of those ones you thought may taste a bit like all bran and cardboard but it was a guilty(ish) free tasty little number that I’ll go for again… when I track The Tube down. Now where was he?

The Tube is here… The Tube is there…..

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The Tube: Coffee Van

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