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The White Stuff

Firstly let's just get it out there that I'm phobic of dentists. I don't do needles or gas, numbing or fact even the smell of those places is just awful. So it is with some apprehension that I agree to teeth whitening with Shades Whiter South West....

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I find out it’s being held in Inspirational Fitness which calms me a little, not some super-white surgical dentistry environment!  Then I meet Sam from Shades Whiter South West and she’s really sweet and instantly puts me at ease.  Sam trained at Harley Street in London and she really knows her stuff – telling me as we went along about the product she uses: the renowned LoveLite as well as after care details and all of the celebs who’ve used LoveLite!  I start to relax as soon as I realise there are no needles involved and it all looks pretty straightforward: a liquid and a powder on the teeth, sit still for 20 minutes, then a gel is applied and sit still for another 20 minutes.  The gel leaves a film on the teeth and continues to whiten for up to 12 hours afterwards.  End result? = teeth to rival Cheryl Cole!


OK: I’m going to be honest….the bad stuff: the powder tastes disgusting (to be fair, she did tell me to keep my tongue at the roof of my mouth and I forgot), the mouth guard they put in is really uncomfortable for the first 5-10 minutes but by the end of the treatment you forget it’s in and I did have pain afterwards (shooting pains in my teeth due to sensitivity that not everyone gets and it lasted on and off for around 12 hours).  Another thing to note is that you have to be on an all-white diet for a few days after eg avoiding heavily coloured foods such as curries, coffee and chocolate (I will have a body like Cheryl by the end of this too by the look of things!).

Now for the good: my teeth look brighter, whiter (we got to measure the shades afterwards to see how much my teeth had improved and my teeth has increased 12 shades whiter!) Everyone said my make-up looked nice afterwards (turns out it was my teeth that made the difference!)  The best bit?  The results last up to two years, meaning my teeth will stay pearly-white although they can offer a top up treatment to make them even whiter in 6 months time if required.  And at only £195 (special offer currently available for £95) it’s a real investment in your entire appearance as it really lifts the face.  The next teeth whitening sessions at Inspirational Fitness are due on Thursday 25th October.

On my way out, looking in every reflection and grinning at myself I met Petra who owns Inspirational Fitness and she showed me around: they have massage rooms, nails bars and lots of fitness equipment, specialising in boot camps and body workouts, personal training, nutrition plans, pilates, yoga, meditation acrylic and gel nails, massages, facials and more: they even teach pole dancing there now!  I take a business card and add the number to my mobile, I think I’m going be seeing a lot more of Petra and her team!

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