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Treasure Trails: Let the treasure hunt begin

Treasure Trails are a giant treasure hunt – a big game of adventure. Maps and clues generate a spark of curiosity which takes you exploring all over Cornwall and beyond. Armed with a Murder Mystery Treasure Trail around Truro, Team Manners set off into the brisk winter sunshine on a Sunday morning.

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Our Murder Mystery was much like a life-size game of Cluedo, but much more interactive and much more exciting. The scene was set: The popular and flamboyant owner of ‘Tea’s Company’ Truro had died – presumed murdered, perhaps by a jealous rival after her new secret ingredient. Never fear, we were on the case to hunt down the clues and find out not only who had committed the crime, but how!

We were totally absorbed, exploring bits of Truro and discovering things we had not noticed before, despite living in the city. Finding the clues, deciphering the riddles and working together was so fabulous. Finally, I think we have found an activity that we can all enjoy doing together!

A totally inclusive activity; I sat down with Steve Ridd – founder and creative force major – to find out more about TT. Steve is a treasure hunter, map writer and so inspiring. Having just walked the entire coastal path with his mum he told me how TT got started. His love of treasure hunts began with Cadbury’s competition to find the golden egg when he was younger. The excitement from digging up bits of Cornwall hasn’t left him. Determined to get people to switch off the TV and get out exploring led him to create Treasure Trails.

All the trails are super inclusive as are the modes of discovering the clues. Trails for walking, riding, cycling and driving are all available; from urban mysteries to rural endeavours the scale of what you can get up to is immense! Now rolled out nationally (and soon to be internationally) grabbing a TT is a perfect way of exploring a new place whilst on holiday. To my utter delight, you can also personalise your trail! Our trail was off the shelf… and as well as murder mystery themes you can choose from Spy Missions or Treasure Hunts.

So,who dunnit at ‘Tea’s Company’? Now we do know who it was and how, but we are not going to tell you! Treasure Trails: one of the best kept secrets that GCG have found.

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Treasure Trails: Let the treasure hunt begin

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  1. Rooke

    Just wondering if you might have a car treaure trail based around Bodmin for the Half Term week in February? We did one of these two years agao in October and enjpyed ti so much we’d like to do another one!. kind regards, Anna Rooke

    Jan 30, 2014 @ 8:21 pm